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At Pikes Peak Wildfire Prevention Partners we believe that our collective efforts can make a difference. Ongoing wildfire mitigation can limit the impacts of devastating wildfires. Learn what mitigation means and how it can help protect you, your property, and the landscapes we love.


The most devastating fire in Colorado's history occurred in in June of 2014. The Black Forest Fire claimed two lives, nearly 500 homes and thousands of acres of forest.

PPWPP created this video to capture some of the lessons communities can learn from the Black Forest Fire.

At the request of the Governor of Colorado, PPWPP members also helped to create a comprehensive report on why so many homes burned. Many were lost because of embers, not direct contact with the flames. And while individual home mitigation may help, it was community-wide efforts that proved most effective. 

About Us

Embers float into the night sky during a wildfire.

The Pikes Peak Wildfire Prevention Partners is a group of wildfire professionals, wildfire mitigation contractors, agency representatives and homeowners. Our mission is to reduce the threat of wildfire to life and property in El Paso, Douglas and Teller counties, CO. This is done through education, cooperation and coordination among our member agencies, organizations, homeowner groups and individuals. We have monthly member meetings and an annual workshop that are open to anyone. The time and date for both is available on the Meetings and Events page.

We are a 501c3 non-profit organization. Read our bylaws.

Additional Resources

Protecting your property and your community from wildfires is hard work, but there are many organizations that have put time and effort into developing successful strategies. If you would like to learn more about wildfire prevention, the following sites are excellent resources.


The intensity of  wildfires is determined by weather (winds, heat), fuel (forests, brush and homes) and topography (hills, valleys, etc.). We can't control the weather but we can modify the fuels around our homes and communities. With less fuel to burn, fires decrease in intensity and pose less danger to lives and property. That is the goal of wildfire mitigation.

PPWPP has led numerous mitigation projects over the years including: Stone Ridge Village, Woodland Park (2011); Larkspur Elementary School (2010); New Santa Fe Trail, Monument/Palmer Lake, and Burning Tree Ranch (2009); Black Forest, El Paso County, and the Emily Griffith Center, Larkspur (2008); and the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Colorado Springs (2007). Get mitigation tips at

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